Need pointer for UART to telnet

Hi there,

I am new to BBB, but I’ve used many microprocessors before, and in my first BBB project, I need to turn BBB in to a UART to telnet bridge.

To begin with, I need to

  1. Open one UART
  2. BBB will acquire an IP via DHCP
  3. The user connects to BBB via TCP, such as telnet
  4. After that, BBB will serve as the bridge, passing data from user to UART and returning data from UART to user, all via TCP

I don’t think bonescript will get the job done. Could anyone give me a pointer where to look/start?


How about the ser2net project: ? I’ve used this on x86 Linux with good results, but not tried it on an ARM board.


Socat is another similar tool that might work for you.

Mark & George,

Thanks for your suggestion!

Do you happen to know the performance (bandwidth) of your project?

Sorry, I don’t have performance numbers. I had recently used socat only as a quick demo to make a UART device available over TCP. My UART device has a variable latency (up to 100ms) that is dependent on the request. Hard to generalize that.