Need support to build image using yocto for BBAI64

Hello All,

I am using beaglebone-ai64 hardware.
Here I want to know the complete system and software image build procedure and SDK components.

I am unable to find the exact documents for the same.

My requirements are

  1. Build uboot and kernel from my own for bbai64 hardware using yocto
  2. I want to generate the software image and flash it to the target
  3. I want to build the AI application and want to train custom models

As a part of this I requested yocto support from TI but they are informing that support doesn’t exist for the bbai64. Refer attachments for your reference.

They are asking me to get support from bb.

Can anyone help me with this?

You won’t, its not been published.

You do need to use meta-ti, they have MACHINE= file for the ai64. If memory is correct it works to some degree but it needs some work. Pretty sure it will build against mickledore branch of poky.

Hello @foxsquirrel
Thanks for the clarification. Can you please help me with link to meta-ti?

Does the git repo for meta-ti exists?

Path to the available machine files:


You would change the MACHINE= to : beaglebone-ai64

I am assuming you are using the poky distro
After you source the build

$bitbake-layers add-layer <path to meta-***>

You will more than likely get some more errors for stuff that is not found. Some of the files are in sub-directories and those need to be explicitly added using bitbake-layers. Follow the error messages and you will eventually have all the layers added then ready for build. Do core-image-minimal first, it is small and if you have some other issues it best to find and repair them early on.

Thanks. I need bit time to work on this. I will come back with the updates.

Hello @foxsquirrel,

After you source the build

What does it mean? Can you please help me with these steps?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @foxsquirrel
I am able to add the layers.

$bitbake-layers add-layer …/meta-arm/meta-arm-toolchain/
NOTE: Starting bitbake server…
$bitbake-layers add-layer …/meta-arm/meta-arm/
NOTE: Starting bitbake server…
$bitbake-layers add-layer …/meta-ti/meta-ti-bsp/
NOTE: Starting bitbake server…
$bitbake-layers add-layer …/meta-ti/meta-ti-extras/
NOTE: Starting bitbake server…
$ bitbake-layers show-layers
NOTE: Starting bitbake server…
layer path priority
core /yocto/poky/meta 5
yocto /yocto/poky/meta-poky 5
yoctobsp /yocto/poky/meta-yocto-bsp 5
arm-toolchain /yocto/meta-arm/meta-arm-toolchain 5
meta-arm /yocto/meta-arm/meta-arm 5
meta-ti-bsp /yocto/meta-ti/meta-ti-bsp 6
meta-ti-extras /yocto/meta-ti/meta-ti-extras 6

Build is ongoing…

~/poky $source oe-init-build-env /path/to/build/directory

Here is the officials docs and do it EXACTLY as they state and you will get an image that can be ran in qemu.