Need to enable 7 UART on Beaglebone AI 64

I need to enable UART1(debug, enable by default), UART3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,

How could i start. On document, i only see set GPIO high/low, but i don’t see how to config mode?

could anyone help to config pin mode?

You need to modify the Devicetree.


I modified ‘k3-j721e-beagleboneai64-bone-buses.dtsi’ and ‘k3-j721e-beagleboneai64.dts’

Below is an example.

bone_uart_3: &main_uart3 {
/* tested /
pinctrl-names = “default”;
pinctrl-0 = <
&P9_17_uart_pin /
uart3_txd /
&P9_12_uart_pin /
uart3_rxd */
symlink = “bone/uart/3”;
status = “okay”;

A similar correction would do.
I referred to the pin map [Connectors — BeagleBoard Documentation ]


can you share full the file ‘k3-j721e-beagleboneai64-bone-buses.dtsi’ and ‘k3-j721e-beagleboneai64.dts’ that you modify,

I would probably created an overlay file to enable and configure the UARTS rather than edit the dtsi file.

Either way make sure you keep a copy because if you ever re-flash the BBAI64 any changes you make will be overwritten.

You will need to work out what pins you want the UARTS to come out on as there may be several options.

I created a spreadsheet with the various pinmux opitons here
Pinmux spreadsheet