need to use wifi on beagle board

Hi folks,

I am researching the use of a beagle board to wirelessly control a

I need the board to communicate with a laptop via 802.11 wifi.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions i would welcome them.

Thank you in advance!

-Nate Holder

Hello Nate,

In my 6 months of experience with my Beagleboard I found a great tool for wifi.

I am using an Asus portable router that can be used in the following modes :(AP, Ethernet Adapter, Gateway, Repeater 4 mode). I am using the “Ethernet Adapter” mode which works the same as an ethernet port (plug-and-play). The configuration is super easy.

-Power: It comes with a usb connector for power. You can connect this to one of your usb ports to power the device.

There is no extra configuration done in the BeagleBoard. If your ethernet is already working that’s it! no extra stuff needed.

Good luck!


take a look at wireless usb sticks that linux support most and install java with JXTA.
or get devkit8000 with wifi capability.

JXTA will make ur life easier if u do behind nat communications between ur gadget and other things.