Need updated instructions for BB GUI IDE-toolchain

Hello everyone,

I have been using the compiler that comes with the Angstrom image to compile embedded programs on the BBW for several months now. I'd like to start writing user driven applications that utilize a touchscreen. I think that means I need to start 'cross-compiling' on my laptop, using eclipse (or ccs5?), the angstrom sdk and the qt framework (or similar stuff).

There are a lot of tutorials about this, but they all seem out of date. The folders installed by the angstrom sdk bear no resemblance to anything in the tutorials I have seen. I can install Eclipse, but I cannot figure out where the correct include/lib folders or gcc binaries are.

There are a lot of ways to do this, I just need one clear set of instructions that have been recently verified for any of them. Can anyone point me to *recent, verified* instructions that are likely to work (using any method) for:
1) Setting up an IDE
2) Linking it to a cross compiler for the beaglebone (preferably one that makes code for the stock angstrom OS)
3) Adding in a good looking GUI framework


I’ve had pretty good luck using the TI SDK for developing QT applications.

I followed these tutorials to recompile the source to be compatible with the LCD7 cape.