.net core GPIO Library

Hi guys,

do exist a native .net core library to handle Beaglebone black GPIO?


Besides https://www.nuget.org/packages/System.Device.Gpio ?

Try libsimpleio:


You will need to install the Linux shared library libsimpleio.so per instructions at:


Dennis, thank you for the reply.

I’ve been exploring this library and I have a question maybe you can explain it to me.

At the Raspberry Pi’s example, they just make reference to the pin 17

var pin = 17;
var lightTimeInMilliseconds = 1000;
var dimTimeInMilliseconds = 200;

and then

controller.OpenPin(pin, PinMode.Output);

that’s all.

but if I need to make a reference to the gpio3_19 at the BBB, how do I do it?

Where I can find this info? … I have been searching for without success.


Thanks for your reply …I’ll explores it.

Off-hand, look at the "GPIO Numbering Scheme" at