Network application development on beagle board

Hi all,

I want to develoop minimal network module which will obtain IP via dhcp server.
I know that I can directly use udhcpc available.
But I don’t want all other unrequired things in it.
So can anybody suggest good link or book for network programming using sockets.

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For details of the DHCP protocol:
For socket programming introduction:

Have you considered using BusyBox, it contains a udhcpc implementation
as an applet, and if you are using BusyBox anyway as your source of commands
the overhead is minimal. All you have to do is enable udhcpc in your
BusyBox configuration (you may even find that this is actually the way
it is implemented depending on what you are actually running on your Beagle


Thanks all for your help.
I will look into the busybox code.
Actually busybox has udhcpc enabled which I don’t want to invoke from my module as it’s failure is difficult to catch.
I will try to re implement minimal code of busybox in my module.

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