Network error: Software caused connection abort

My ssh connections to my beaglebone black crash periodically and I get this error in my ssh window. Any ideas to keep this from happening? I’m running debian with kernel 4.14.71-ti-r80 on the bone. I connect in from a windows machine running MobaXterm.



Not enough information to tell -- ie; /what/ software?

  If it was something on the Beagle, I'd think checking log files might
show something.

  OTOH: Maybe it is something in your MobaXterm crashing. Have you tried

Was this network connected over USB or Ethernet? (Or WIFi with an adapter?)


It’s ethernet.


I didn’t see anything on dmesg. I’ll look for other log files.


You might want to check the host that is running MobaXterm. Also, have a look at the Moba site for some hints:



Thanks - I followed this instruction in MobaXterm and that seemed to fix it:

This is usually the result of a packet filter or NAT device timing out your TCP connection due to inactivity. You can check the “Enable SSH keepalive” box under “Settings” → “Configuration” → “SSH” tab.
Enabling this option will ensure that the connection is kept “fresh” in the device’s connection table.