Network interface usb0 lost with recompiled kernel, what is needed to get it back?

To resolve some other problems I needed to build a custom kernel.

I followed the procedure for 3.8.X kernels on, and then did:

scp arch/arm/boot/uImage root@
scp arch/arm/boot/dts/am335x-boneblack.dtb root@
scp -r rootfs/lib/modules/3.8…/ root@


…and while I was able to solve my other problem, I lost the usb0 network interface in the process.

Before overwriting uImage, the dtb and the modules my board had the latest Angstrom image from

Now ifconfig sees only eth0 and lo, no usb0, and I get errors when booting:

Nov 15 20:48:19 beaglebone[124]: udhcpd: is interface usb0 up and configured?: No such device


The sum of things needed to get usb0 ethernet up seem a bit complex, I haven’t been able to figure how to get it back. Any tips?


Further investigation reveals a lot of differences between the os on the distribution image at and what you get if you follow the instructions at

As a second try I went for the “How to Reproduce” instructions at the bottom of the page, linked as the “Primary” source for the Angstrom distro at This page appears to be out of date, and the build does not run to completion but fails with an error.

So the next question is: Where can I find the secret recepie on how to produce the same OS installer as is distributed with the board???