Network port speed on the Beagle Bone Black


I’m a big fan of these small and cheap computer boards. The Raspberry Pi Model B has a RJ45 socket but speed is limited to about 5Mb/s because of the way the socket is wired into the microprocessor along with the two USB ports, according to the Raspberry Pi forums.

The Beagle Bone Black has a 10/100 ethernet port. Could I expect to get a network communication speed higher than 5Mb/s? May be even something closer to 100Mb/s?

I’d like an appliance that is cheap to buy but has the ability to send and receive data over a network reasonably quickly as the head for an encrypted NAS (Debian, Samba, Truecrypt, NTFS formatted USB external drive kinda thing) and a second project being a router (with a second ethernet NIC from a USB-to-ethernet dongle) running something like a Smoothwall-esque Linux distro or IPFire for ARM architecture.

So any experience of the possible speeds of the BBB network port?

Any help would be so deeply appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks in anticipation and much love people.


The BBB is actually capable of GbE based on the processor, but only has 10/100 faster ethernet PHY on the board its self.

However, the onboard ethernet on the BBB is the fastest i have seen on ANY system to date yet. 11.9MB/s reads over NFS, and 11.1MB/s writes. It simply does not get any faster than that. Period.