Network setup with /etc/network/interfaces


It seems the current image:

did not use /etc/network/interfaces anymore?

I have a small software on the beagle to update this file … it`s now overwriten and the beagle listen on static IP from /etc/network/interfaces and also from dhcp (don´t know from where)

Thank you!

Can You tell more about? Are the IP addresses some normal or IPAPA addresses (169…)?
How looks Your interfaces file (now) ? Sometimes the BBB does weird things…but we need some more info.


With Debian 11.x/12.x images we use systemd-network…

You’ll find configuration files under: /etc/systemd/network/


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Hi Robert!

Thank you.I need ifupdown because of application on BBB.
Did you, if I only have to deinstall systemd-network?

I´m afraid that I kill the ethernet port and lock me out.