Networking from U-Boot on the Beagle Bone


I'm trying to load a kernel from the network (either from TFTP or NFS)
from u-boot on the Beagle Bone. So far I've had no success doing any
networking from u-boot, but if I load the kernel from the SD, I can
mount the root FS over NFS with no problem (which means the physical
network connection is good).

Also, if I try to ping from u-boot, it fails (and I don't even see any
activity lights on the network connector[1]), which leads me to think
that there's something fundamental that either I'm doing wrong or that
doesn't work (yet) in u-boot.

Is networking in u-boot supported for the Beagle Bone?



[1] I do see blinking lights when it receives packets though.

before doing any networking commands:

dcache off



Thanks Koen. There's no way I would have figured that one out.

I'm successfully booting off TFTP (kernel) and NFS (root fs) now.