New BBB amgstrom release?

There is a comment on this video ( which says:

If it is in the next release, I don’t think future releases will remove it. And yes, the next release is in the future. When exactly? I have not yest decided. I have yet to see anything as being “final” when it comes to software.

We are on 3.8. There is already a 3.10 and a 3.12.


Thanks Gerald. I’ll elaborate to be more accurate: is the dts file listed merely a patch for the current release, or is that essentially the same file as what will be coming up in the next release.

I ask to know whether i should wait a bit for the next release before developing for the board (if that’s somewhat soon), or just use the device tree listed and it’ll be basically the same.


I can’t answer that question. Between now and the release, who knows what can changed. Releases will continue to come. Whether you wait or not is up to you. Thee will always be a next release!