New Beaglebone Black Derivative: V1 from Outernet (DVB-S Tuner and Wifi)

Outernet’s V1 board is a derivative of the Beaglebone Black and is at the heart of its portable satellite data receiver, Lantern. You can find all of the project files associated with V1 here:

The V1’s purpose is to act as a DVB-S receiver when connected to an external Ku-band satellite dish. In this mode, content from Outernet’s global broadcast data service is received by the DVB-S network interface module and stored locally. The V1 also includes an onboard wifi module, which creates a warmspot for interacting with the downloaded content. The following link details the satellites and frequencies used for Outernet’s DVB-S/2 service.

For receiving content through Lantern’s internal patch antenna, the V1 will demodulate a very narrowband channel that is transmitted over satellite L-band. This is a 5 kHz channel at roughly 1550 MHz, which is down coverted by an LNB being developed by L-Com. The signal is passed from the analog front end over USB and passed to the V1 for demodulation in software. Once the data is demodulated, decoded, and stored locally, it is accessed over wifi.

The V1 is an open source design and we are happy to take the community’s input into consideration for future iterations of the board.

Anybody try one of these out?