New Cape Prototyping

Hello to all,
I’m prototyping a new cape board for BeagleBone Black.
I have designed most of the circuit and now it’s time to connect all the thing to the beaglebone.

I have a problem: I can not figure out whitch PINs can I use.
I read the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual and the AM335x Sitara Processors datasheet, but I can’t find where all the pin’ s feature are explained.

I some different kind of connection:

  • 1 I2C bus (it’s OK, ill use P9 17 and 18 PINs)
  • 1 UART with CTS and RTS
  • 2 IRQ from push buttons
  • 4 analog channel (it’s OK, ill use AINs PIN on P9)
  • 2 SPI bus
  • 3 PWM channel (standard PWM modulation, fixed frequency, variable duty cicle)
  • various I/O (no problem for this)

Until now I have always designed on less complex systems, like PIC24 and PIC18 based board. I know the hardware, but the AM3358 seems too big and complex, and I’m a bit scared of its.

Please, can someone help me?

If you search for “Beaglebone GPIO” you will find several charts for connectors P8 and P9.

You will also find the “Beaglebone Black SRM” or system reference manual helpful.

Good old Google J