new CAPE with Altium Designer


we are about to create some CAPES, we use Altium Designer for the CAD, if anyone interested we can share the templates and libraries. We are going to share them anyway, but right now they are not yet publicly available, if any intetest please let us know.

Support for our CAPES will be provided by projects at github


we quite often make large PCB multi project panels, if designs are supplied in altium PCB format we can usually make one PCB for free as there is always free space available, please inquire if interested

Hi Antti,

this sounds very interessting for me. We are also using Altium Designer.
What kind of Capes are planned ?

Best regards


I’d also be interested in getting access to these templates & libraries - are they out there somewhere?


Altium is available on the support Wiki for the BeagleBone Black. That could be used to create a cape template…


Is there a link to these anywhere?