New cellular gateway cape: Nimbelinks Skywire Cellular Modem Cape

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share Nimbelinks new cellular gateway cape with you. Check it out here:

The cape is built around Nimbelinks Skywire cellular modem family. The pre-certified Skywire is the smallest plug-in cellular modem on the market, making it quicker and easier to deploy than chip-down chipset solutions, external modems, or solder-in modules. It uses a standard XBEE form factor and its pre-certification eliminates months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars of cost for required certification. Modules are available supporting 2G, 3G, and 4G connections.

Nimbelinks Beaglebone Black cape support the following:
-One Nimbelink Skywire Cellular Modem (GPS options available)
-One XBee device (ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth)
-Built in 2 port USB hub
-Dual can transceivers

Hey, I’m interested in the BOM, but the links are dead. Could you help me out?

Sorry about that. The links have been updated. Information is also available here: