New Categories Outside of Videos...Boards!

BeagleBone Blue and Software

  • People use this category for the BBBlue and all related software dedicated to it.
  • This is different. It is different in that there are two main ports of software or three main ones all dedicated to handling specifics on the Board along w/ the PRUs.
  • I think topics in this category should contain but are not limited to these alone:
  1. ArduPilot
  2. LibRobotControl
  3. EduMIP and etc…
  • I say we need this category. A lot of newcomers and older, more well-acquainted persons can use, associate findings, and then build on what has already been done.

The main reason for this being a category and not only as an optional tag would be its build of usefulness in search and rescue (give or take 30 minutes of air time like w/ ArduCopter or even w/ ArduRover/Rover), being able to bring newcomers to the table of mobile robotics for a starter, and then onto building whatever may transpire in the future if these said people choose to stay, build, and develop.

For one, me (Seth), I like this board. I rarely use it these days b/c of all the fascinating boards that keep getting produced but I understand there may be some limitations in that two cell LiPo is not totally powerful enough to draw large currents for elongated periods of time on specific heavier builds…

a. Like w/ Rovers that require extra weight to carry or to coral itself w/ other like built machinery.
b. Flight, sometimes w/ heavily pouted winds, motors need the extra torque and power while the battery supply suffers.
b. and…last but not least: I think the EduMIP cause was awesome. I fell through on building it while it was all a go but I consider that project well worth learning how to programmatically control a machine to self-balance along w/ the required hardware to understand exactly what it is that is taking place during the steps and maneuvers.


P.S. Sorry about the length.

Personally, I think these are better as tags, not categories. The only (what I thought good) reason to create the #videos category was to restrict who could create threads, such that it was only 1 thread per 1 video Beagle creates. This is for “official” videos, rather than “community” videos.

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Good Enough,

I guess my ideas were to create separatism from boards and not the processors on these boards.


P.S. That makes sense. In case, I am guessing here really, someone had a very large video to produce, it would not require constant onlooking to handle what gets posted and where it posts.