New Revision of Beagleboard System Reference Manual?

Please note -- as I become experienced with the Beagleboard I am willing to help maintain the already excellent documentation I see here.

I downloaded this:
and notice it is still at revision C3.1. Will this be updated anytime soon for the revision C4 boards?

Is the board checkout procedure still good? Will any of the output messages change?

The SRM is extremely interesting to me because I'm expecting my Revision C4 board to be delivered tomorrow. Although a separate package of parts I need for the board won't be delivered till Wednesday for some reason.


Bob Cochran

The new revision is out but Jason has not yet posted it. The board checkout procedure should be basically the same, but the actual commands may change a little and the output messages could be different as well… I am still waiting for the “final” UBoot command configuration. It is still a little in flux at this time. I will update the SRM once that is finalized.

If you would like a copy, send me an email and I will send it to you.As to maintaining the documentation, the SRM is under my control. If you have nay suggestions I will be happy to take them under consideration and get them patched in.


i’m currently on travel, but should have a chance to do it in about 30 hours.

Hi Gerald & group,

I would like to see all the expansion connector signal options per
mode also on the schematics.
12 MHZ oscillator frequency should be changed to 26 MHz in Figure 19
(if not done yet).
Yellow text on the DVI-D connector is unreadable - another color should be used.
The C97 USB stability problem (and solution) of C3 should be
highlighted somewhere.
List of beagleboard compatible IEEE 801.11n USB 2.0 adapters would be
"Table 11" on the last full line of page 80 of 182 should be replaced
by "Table 12".
On the last line of Table 12 the capital M should be replaced by small m.
Please add J3 pin 1 coordinates on Figure 75.

These comments refer to Revision 0.0 May 6, 2009.

Great documentation - I really like it!

I will be removing all of the USB adapters and other peripherals from the manual. As I cannot control whether they work from one SW release to the next, it is better that I just remove them all together and leave it ot he community to list those devices.

Also, the May 6 2009 manual will NOT be updated. I do not go back and upfate old manuals. The latest Rev C3 version is dated October 2009. The Rev C4 manual is the latest manual which will be out shortly.

Thank you for your other suggestions. I will take them under consideration.


2010/1/25 Seppo Nikkilä <>