New social network launching... (bigger than Facebook!)

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a new social network that’s about to launch.
It’s already growing at the speed of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
You have to see the concept to understand why. But once you get it, you’ll see this could change your life forever.
Check it out here…
Watch the video and then create your account. I can’t tell you too much more until your inside, so create your free account now then let me know and I can explain how it all works!
Predrag Manojlović
P.S. Almost 900,000 people have already joined, and it hasn’t even gone live yet! Come see what all of the buzz is about:

For those that don’t want to accept their “NDA” yet curious about hype for this Multi Level Marketing

Can we do without spamming the list with things that in mo way relate to beagleboard of any type or form factor?

The only way I know is to change everybody to moderated. I catch about 100 SPAM related posts per day currently.

Give me about six hours and I can changed all 6600 registered members to moderated.

And as I will be on vacation for a week, things will be very very quiet. But, no SPAM will be generated by registered members.

Any objections from anyone?


I just mark the sender as spam and i never see the stuff again or the
senders posts

so no dont moderate us all please

But that bars the person for life.


Only for me and my email client
people who spam junk not related to the mailing list i dont care to deal
with again


You do a great job running this list and leading as a whole. I was not suggesting at all the the list be moderated in any forced way but more so that the minority that occasionally forgets what does and does not fit the general list topic (along with everyone else as well) does a better job of self policing what they post and send to the whole list. That said, Please enjoy your vacation and time away. You’re more deserving of it than anyone I know!


This guy in this case is a distributor. One of our largest.


Bill is a pretty cool guy & I’ve communicated with him over various projects. As a group we are fortunate to have Special Computing on board, but simply stated Bill ought know better than to spam the list with off topic material. I am likely not alone in my choice of vendor being affected by that vendors behavior within a community. Just trying to encourage everyone to keep things on topic. as it keeps the noise down.