New to Bonescript, Javascript, node.js, etc.


I’m diving into Javascript for the Pocket Beagle. Here’s a github where I’m stashing my work.

Any and all comments are welcomed!


led44a.js is just a quick script that I’m using to drive an LED light bar.

I posted an update where I did a quickly hacked version of bonescript shiftout so I can output 1-31 bits instead of just 8.

Again, I’m very new to Javascript so I’m just trying to write some simple code.


Thanks for sharing.

The Khan Academy link off of is helpful for learning JavaScript. It is a great language if you can avoid the “bad stuff”. Douglas Crockford has written quite a bit about the “goot stuff”.

I think it is fairly accurate that most of the BeagleBoard community moves fairly quickly past the BoneScript JavaScript library and on to hacking things with C. The library is still an important place for me to track the functionality provided by the kernel as it progresses, so thanks for making some good use of it. There are also a number of other useful JavaScript libraries for BeagleBone, like beaglebone-io, and they are starting to catch up with PocketBeagle. Once they are caught up, I’m considering eventually making BoneScript just use them to help with my maintenance time.

I’m not getting enough patches to as things stand today. It is still my vision to provide a collaborative, self-hosted, electronics hacking environment, but it seems an interface like or BBUI are really needed as a point of entry.

See you at e-ale!