New UBoot

I have downloaded the new 4_25 SD card image and have tried this on my
Beagleboard XM (rev B). I noticed that the files on the root partition
of the SD card are now different: MLO, U-BOOT.bin, uEnv.txt and

The new uEnv.txt is supposedly simpler (being just text rather than
the boot.scr file needing to be built from data) but I cannot work out
how to include the necessary commands to start RISC OS - these
commands are fatload mmc 0 riscos 0x9=81000000; go 0x81000000.

So having tried the new SD card image, more out of curiosity than
anything else, I then replaced my previous SD card image (20100820)
and rebooted. Now the Beaglebaord XM just displays the
logo and does nothing else. The new image has changed something on the
beagleboard that power off and on does not restore.

How please do I get my Beagleboard XM working again (I have no
interest in Linux).

Double check your SD card, considering the lack of nonvolatile memory
on the xM B, what your saying is simply not possible..


I didn't think my revision B board had NAND flash but it does
(512Mbytes DDR and 256Mbytes NAND). I do not recommend using the
revision C5 image and pressing the 'USER' button on a beagleboard XM.
If you do this it will forever afterwards boot from NAND and you need
to attach a serial terminal, interrupt start up and type the command
'nand erase' to restore things to normal.