New version of Toolchain.

I am trying to use Eclipse and the Angstrom tool chain to build app’s for my Beaglebone. Unfortunately I am trying to use the I2C drivers for /dev/i2c-3 and they don’t seem to be available in the tool chain from Mar 2011 that is on the Angstrom web site. I know they exist in the CodeSourcery tool chain, but I don’t have the funds to buy the IDE from Mentor so I was hoping to configure Eclipse.
Is there a newer version of the tool chain?
Can I use the tool chain from Mentor, the libraries with the Angstrom tool chain?
Any other possible solutions?

Can you explain me what device nodes have to do with a toolchain? Device nodes are created by the kernel, not the toolchain.

No I can’t explain that. Aren’t device libraries also part of the toolchain?
I have found part of my issue. I’m trying to build with Eclipse but now I see that in libio.h included from stdio.h that size_t is undefined.
If I force typedef that i then see I am also having a problem with stdarg.h not being found, and when I point to it, then tr1/cstdarg cannot be found.
Any ideas would be helpful.
So far the only build I can make clean is hello world. Not very useful.

I followed:

And was succesfull in building more that hello world project :slight_smile: .

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