New virtual ports ?

Hello All;

I just burned the latest image on a uSD card for my Beaglebone White A6 and it works like a charm J

However, I have a question:

I am using Windows Xp SP3

I used to have only a USB Serial Port courtesy of the FTDI driver.

Now it would appear that I have another serial port called “Serial gadget”.

When I login using Putty, I get the same console screen (a different console shell I assume).

I am just wondering what the difference is ?


Serial gadget is over the USB port of the processor. Not the FTDI port. So, you have an extra serial port if you so choose.


Thanks Gerald,

Presumably this is because the BBB has no FTDI port?

So the same firmware supports both models.

Correct. It was something we tried to do on BBW as well, just never got it going in the SW.