newbee question: how to begin with beagleboard

i got my beagle-board few days back........i have few questions as
1) how to port any operating system to it, say, LINUX or fedora?
2) is porting of RTOS onto beagle board is different than porting
3) which RTOS are currently ported on beagleboard and from where i
could get reference for them?
4) how to transfer the code to the beagleboard? any softwares present
like flash-utility for ARM.
5) compatibility of beagleboard is better with LINUX or RTOS? why??

This is a question I can address as I have been working with a friend on porting Gentoo to the Beagle.

Porting Linux is a two-big-step process:
1) Get your selected distro of Linux (Angstrom, Gentoo) running just the basics on the Beagle; something that can just download and compile.
2) With that very basic version, recompile all the basics again using nearly the same steps, and then start adding stuff you want, like X.

This pretty much sums up a month or so of work, assuming you're going to have to learn as you go, and your Linux distribution of choice has good documentation.

Unfortunately each distribution is going to have its own method of cross-compiling and native compiling packages of software. The people you really ought to ask are the developers of the Linux distribution you want to port.

Good luck!