Newbie boot problem


I bricked my Beagle and have unbricked it using various online
Problem is that I can't get it back to the previous settings. It seems
there are a lot of files on Google Wiki and the elinux pages that are

When it boots it says:


** Unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc 0:1

  1. The first thing that happens when the BeagleBoard boots is that the CPU starts running a program in ROM.
  2. The ROM bootloader checks if the USER button is pressed. If the USER button is pressed it moves NAND flash boot from being the first boot to being the last boot option.
  3. The ROM bootloader runs through the various boot options looking for a “signed” program called X-Loader. (This program is usually called MLO if its stored on SD card).
  4. X-Loader displays some welcome message and then immediately tries to load uboot.bin either from NAND flash or SD card.
  5. U-Boot then provides more messages and either boots the default “bootcmd” environment variable or drops to a command line.

I would download the Angstrom demo image to SD card ( and then boot holding down the USER button. Assuming this works then I would flash a newer version of X-Loader and optionally U-Boot to NAND Flash.

Finally, I assume you are saving the environment variables before restarting with the “saveenv” command…?

Thanks, that worked well.. and I have a much better understanding of
what is going on now.