Newbie, need help with joystick/analog input on BBB running Debian jessie

I attempted to post this question earlier but I don’t believe the post showed up. If it did I apologize for the duplicate post.

I have a BBB running Debian jessie 8.2 and the linux kernel is 4.1.12-ti-r29.

I’ve connected a thumb joystick as follows

vcc - P9_32
gnd - P9_34
hor - P9_36
ver - P9_38

I did not connect the switch to anything because it isn’t needed.

I’ve attempted to read the output of the joystick using information i found online and have failed miserably. The numerous tutorials/instructions say that you have to enable the analog inputs on the beagle bone. The instructions for doing so involve using bone_cape. My BBB doesn’t seem to have bone_cape and further research seems to indicate that bone_cape is the old way of doing things and isn’t available for the kernel that i’m running.

I have yet to find out how I would enable the analog inputs on my setup. If some one knows of a resource that i’ve missed that will shed some light on the subject I’d greatly appreciate it.


You should talk to caveman: