Newbie Question - Angstrom Build

I am trying to do a build of the Angstrom distribution following instructions on eLinux pages. I pulled the latest sources - build fails in shared-mime-info-native-0.51 with an undefined reference to gzopen64 in libxml2. I am building on a 32bit Ubuntu 8.10 system, and i have the same error on a 64bit Ubuntu 8.04 system as well.

Is there a patch or workaround for this issue?


I was able to build the angstrom source 1st time without issue on a
32bit ubuntu 8.10 system. I just used openembedded...
Just start the build before you goto sleep or something, then the next
day you will have the angstrom source all patched up and compiled at:

Did you do your build recently? I was able to build angstrom with out issues before - few weeks back. I attempted a new build by pulling the latest tree and ran into this issue.