Newbie to BBB ~ Custom 7" TFT Cape

I’m new to using the BeagleBone Black

I designed a cape with a 7" TFT LCD along with support circuitry for my application. When I power up just my cape all of the LCD voltage levels are correct. When I plug my cape into the BeagleBone all of the voltage levels are correct but the LCD is just white and there is no booting activity.

What should I expect? If I purchase one of the ready-made LCD capes what should I expect when powering up? Does the BBB self boot?


If it does not boot, that means you messed up the boot pins with your design and changed the boot mode. The LCD pins set the boot mode. I suggest you read the SRM for details on this.

You can also search the group as this has been covered many times.

If you by the ready made LCDs, they won’t mess up the boot and will boot fine.