nfs over usb problem


I'm trying to mount the rootfs with nfs over usb. I followed the wiki
on to create a bridge between the interface usb0 and my eth
interface. The communication seems to work, but nfs it's not mounted.
With wireshark I see several arp request from the beagle board without
any response. The firewall is disabled. Sometimes I see in the kernel

martian source from, on dev
header: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:16:0f:15:5a:e1:20:08:06

but I don't undestand what it means. is the address of br0
interface and the other is the address assigned to the interface of my
beagle board. Please help me!



Ok a little step forward. After a lot of try I've mounted the nfs but
I have other problems with init. After unplug the power lines and
plug it again and following the same procedure with the same settings
I have got the problem again. I don't understand why. Can be possible
that the random mac address makes some problem?

Other information: when it doesn't work I can see that only counter RX
of usb0 are incremented instead I should see them both on usb0 and
br0, same thing with TX. It seems that they are not bridged but "brctl
show" shows that eth0 and usb0 are in bridged mode. Any suggestions?
Please help me.

Ehi, is there anyone could help me? At least a suggestions? I didn't
find anything googling in the web for this problem.