No Audio since kernel version 2.6.35

Hi everyone,
Ive startded using ubuntu in beagleboard with kernel version 2.6.32.
The audio was working fine.
After upgrading to kernel version 2.6.35, no audio worked on board.
Since then ive been trying all the versions 2.6.37,2.6.38 but audio does’nt work.
Please help me out to have audio for the later kernel versions.
Thanks in advance.

Assuming the xM, can you also test:


Two things I have found, the array of mixer controls doesn't make it easy to figure out what is needed.
I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 Natty with kernel from http://rcn-ee/deb/natty/.

Depending on what you need, the speech dispatcher gets in the way "service speech-dispatcher off".

Thanks for your responses.

Il apply the patches as posted in the groups and reply…

I also found this thread late last month on on mixer

"Re: [HELP] Audio on BeagleBoard xM can't work"

I've been applying the below-mentioned command-line excerpt everytime
I perform a new distribution installation to fix the audio output alsa

So in order to make aplay work I need to set all of these?