no /dev/video entries

Hi all,

There are no /dev/video* entries in the linux kernel 2.6.29 omap
beagle kernel? what could be the reason for this.
if any body has faced similar problem and found the solution pls let
me know.
I want to use /dev/video* for v4l2 device.


If you run "udevadm trigger", do they appear then?

no..They are not appeared.
I think there is a support only for framebuffers(/dev/fb0, /dev/fb1,/
dev/fb2) which can be used for video pipelines.
If I want to use /dev/fb1 for v4l2 device do I need to write the v4l2
driver for this?

Hi all,
I have the same problem.
I have connected a Logitech Cam via USB to my BB. The cam is
recognized ( looking at /sbin/lsusb ) but no entry /dev/video*
Some help ¿?