No display for BeagleBoard with HDMI to VGA converter.

Hello friends,

I’m a new user to Beagle Board just got the product 2 days back. I have plugged in the USB input devices, the SD card is in place (the test card that came with the package) , connected a HDMI to VGA converter to my LCD (!BouYUogCGk~$(KGrHqMOKiUEubFoPfzzBLol0,irL!~~_12.JPG when i switch i on. nothing is displayed, the monitor goes to sleep. I hope this would not be a big prob. Please help me on what is the problem here.

Thanks a lot

BTW its a Beagle Board XM with revision C, sorry that i forgot to mention this.

The cable will not work. There is no VGA component in the DVI-D connector. It has no analog. That is why it is called DVI-D. It only supports the digital interface. This is described in the System Reference Manual.


If buying a DVI-D monitor a problem (as it is with me) you can use VNC (what I used to do).

There is also a VGA adapter board for the BeagleBoard-xM.


Thanks a lot Gerald. Is it fine if i purchase a HDMI to DVI- D converter for this ? also thanks for the VGA adapter link :slight_smile:

You can buy HDMI/DVI-D cable from ebay.