No eth0 connection

Hi folks.

My BBB’s eth0 is no longer connecting, ie ifconfig reports no inet address. It was there on first bootup, as shown below.

Any suggestions for recovery would be appreciated.

Before relating the details, flame me for being an idiot, but I did not do a standard setup, and perhaps that is the problem. What I did seemed reasonable to me though.

  1. I unpacked the BBB, connected power to the 5V jack, HDMI monitor, keyboard mouse and ethernet, and powered it up. It started fine and the network came up.

  2. I did some configuration ‘manually’ via root account (mainly from sudo -i), essentially (from /root/.bash_history))

  3. Changed the hostname in /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname (I might have rebooted here or after the next step)

  4. Upgraded packages and installed a couple:

  5. apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade

  6. apt-get -y install synaptic mc1. (I might have rebooted here, and lost eth0 without knowing it, so the next steps might be irrelevant.)

  7. Added a new user:

  8. addgroup -gid 1954 dt

  9. adduser -uid 1954 -ingroup dt dt1. Changed the password for debian: ‘passwd debian’

  10. Stopped debian being an autologin account: commented out 'autologin-user=debian in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

  11. Changed timezone: ‘dpkg-reconfigure tzdata’. This immediately set the time to the correct local time.1. I ssh-ed into it from another linux machine. Also copied a public key into from that machine into /home/{debian,dt}/.ssh/authorised_keys, and ssh -i … to check they work fine.

  12. Powered it off last night.

  13. Powered it on today.

  14. ssh into it fails ‘ssh -X -i ~/.ssh/davidtangye_dsa dt@dt-bbb1.local’ fails.

  15. ifconfig shows no ‘inet addr’ for eth0, although it does show an ‘inet6 addr: fe80:: …’
    I can’t see what in the above should make eth0 fail to come up now. The only possible causes I can think of are:

  • Is the problem caused by the passwd change for the debian account, ie it is hard-coded into a script?

  • Must BBB’s be set up via all the steps at ie plug it into another machine via USB first?

Please ignore this post.

It turns out that the switch I was connected into had several bad ports!