"no flipping"

when running my own or the SGX demo egl applications (and without any
X server)
I get "[xxxx.yyyyy] no flipping" written to the console every frame
and to the hdmi port.
writing to theconsole really taxes the hardware and writing to the
hdmi messes up the graphics.
I am running 00_00_06 and not 00_00_08, but i noticed in 08 they added
the line:
fbset vyres 1920 to the etc/init.d startup script with a comment about

Q1: how do you get console information to stop writing to the hdmi
Q2: how do you suppress "no flipping" its killing my frame rate

its a bit hackey but heres my remedy.,..

disabled the start of /etc/init.d/gpe-dm at boot to inhibit the X
set bootargs to console=ttyS2,115200,n8 console=tty1
this enables login to frame buffer console

/etc/init.d/psplash threw me it sleeps for 120 seconds well past boot
so the anomaly of resetting my fbset was due to the 120 psplash

prior to executing my egl application i run 'psplash &' and it
magically works

Now I still have the "no flipping" error messages being logged.