No HDMI output on beagleBone Black


We we are not able to get the HDMI output through the board, in this regard we went to the "“” and after the back and forth communication with them they suggested for the forum:
Below mentioned is that E-mail communication, if any one can help in this regard it will be really helpful:



We are not able to get the HDMI output from the Beagle bone black board on the monitor which is having the resolution as 640 * 480 of HP company, only an image flash for few second and then disappear after that.
Please find in the attached screenshot name “Instance of Flash image.jpg” for the same.

Following are the peripherals used by us for connecting the BeagleBone Black:

  1. Beaglebone black Rev C Board.
  2. VGA to Micro HDMI connector.
  3. 5V 2.0A Micro USB Adapter.
  4. Monitor: HP: 640 * 480 .
  5. USB cable.

We are using below mentioned BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher) image on the board:

Please provide some solution regarding this.

SUPPORT replied: Verify the EDID information

Response from our side:

root@beaglebone:/sys/class/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1# parse-edid edid
parse-edid: parse-edid version 2.0.0
parse-edid: IO error reading EDID

  1. On further investigation I found that we need the read-edid package, So then I tried to install the read-edid package using command : opkg install read-edid

root@beaglebone:/ opkg install read-edid
Unknown package

But I was not able to do so.

  1. Also when I tried the “xrandr” command I got :

root@beaglebone:/ xrandr
root@beaglebone:/ Can’t Open the Display

So, by no means i am able to get the EDID Information.

Can you provide some solution in this regard.

I am able to get the EDID information for the same monitor using the Ubuntu 12.04 running on x86 board as you can see in the attached screenshot “EDID information_x86 board” .

So, it seems the monitor has the EDID support.

The image we flashed on the Beagleboard also contains the Xorg.conf file at the path /etc/X11 as you can find in the attached screenshot “Xorg.conf” do you think by adding something to this file will help.

Please guide us in this direction.



EDID information_x86 board.png

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and just noticed ^^^^^

Yeah, unless you paid lots of $, it's probably a "passive" cable, in
which case that's not supported.


Retest with: 2015-03-01 from:

Latest Software Images - BeagleBoard

2. VGA to Micro HDMI connector.

and just noticed ^^^^^

Yeah, unless you paid lots of $, it's probably a "passive" cable, in
which case that's not supported.

With HDMI, there shouldn't be passive adapters as HDMI is digital only. DVI-I has both.

EDID can often be an issue with these adapters.

ATi use to have some passive adapters in the wild, i've seen where the
video card will detect their custom hdmi cable and pass vga signals
thru it..

There are a lot more active hdmi -> vga cables now on amazon too...
But they must be externally powered, as the bbb can't supply enough
power on it's own thru the hdmi port.

As long as they properly pass the i2c bus used for edid read's, the
bbb should detect the vga screen.


Yes, I recently went looking for an hdmi → vga converter and most are passive types in stores like Fry’s electronics. Where the active ones run like ~$50. Even on amazon they seem to start at around $34, and no guarantee that they’ll work for every device.

The link provided by you, the cable on that is not the micro hdmi.
Can you provide a link where we can get the micro hdmi to vga with externally powered function.

Sorry, i don't own any "vga" monitors anymore, so as i can't even test
them. I won't "recommend" any..

But saying that, there are tons of "micro-hdmi" <-> "hdmi" adapters,
just actually type that into amazon/etc and look for yourself..


Hi, I had no image too,
It should be open the monitor first and then the BBB.
Be sure that you plug it to an HDMI (dvi) port.
Sound basic infoz, but I have to share. Hopefuly help someone.