No. of CAN channels on BBAI

I would like to use both DCAN1 and DCAN2 on BBAI,
I am already using DCAN1 with PIns P9.24 and P9.26.
I want to use P9.19 and P9.20 as DCAN2, How to use it,
What changes do I have to make in DTS?


Here is what I found so far: System Reference Manual · beagleboard/beaglebone-ai Wiki · GitHub .

There is a DCAN2-rx interface from the am5729 in that link. I will look for more later or you can look over the pin muxing for the BBAI on that particular page.


P.S. I have been doing some research on DCAN from the am5729 via the TRM. It seems very complicated. Anyway, if you still need assistance, please ask away. RX down so far for DCAN2.