No voltage registered on sys_5v pin

While attempting to connect an SiK telemetry radio (the old 3dr) I became aware that I do not have any voltage reading on the SYS_5V pin. I’ve check both, number 8 and 9 and the same issue. On the VDD_3V3 and VDD_5V pins I only have 1.5 volts. I’ve read through the documentation and it states that SYS_5V should have a voltage reading, even when using a USB cable. I should have plenty of juice, i’m using a 5V-5A power supply.

What could be causing this? I have not seen anything saying the pins need to be “activated” or something like that. Otherwise the board seems to be working fine, I have no boot up issues and have even used the BBB to command a RoboClaw motor controller successfully.

Is the power LED on?