Node-Red built-in nodes crashing horrifical

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to get going using Node-Red on a BeagleBone Black. I’d like to use the nodes that come preloaded for usability, but every time I give the node a pin number and push the flow, it crashes horrifically. To be more specific, the flow tries to load for a long time and then closes the connection. Then the board can’t restart the service and I end up reflashing the whole thing just to get Node-Red running again. Is there a secret way to input these pin numbers that I don’t know about?

How are you accessing the gpio in Node-Red, over the years there have been a few node-red-xyz projects, but really the best option is just thru gpiod…

It’s using node-red-contrib-johnny5.

Also, update: I’ve done some more testing and so far it seems to be ok until I connect an input node to another node.