Node-Red on BB AI, how to update? Johnny-five?

BB AI updated to Debian Buster 10.11 using this image:


Node-red is version 1.3.5, I would like to upgrade to 2.2.2, Anyone know how?

Is it intended to use the Johnny-five I/O nodes? Because in the config, there is no plugin for the AI board, only BB Black:


Is it safe to use this plugin for the BB.AI?

Johnny-Five uses the BeagleBone-io plugin for the “BeagleBone Black” section you see there… Upgrading node-red alone won’t give you anything more…

BeagleBone-IO: beaglebone-io - npm

It would best to patch the beaglebone-io project to add BeagleBone-AI suport…

Or just do the generic sys calls in node-red…