Node-red update from 1.35 to 3.x

How to properly upgrade node-red on beaglebone blue that uses debian 10 ?

Debian 10, is really too old for that… We ship Node-RED 3.0.2 out of the box with Debian 11 and later…


So debian 10 will not get bb-node-red-installer update ?

I’m not working on Debian 10 anymore… Only Debian 11 and Debian 12… (i did the same thing to Debian 9 when Debian 11 was released)


Okay. It’s possible to update node-red while it’s running on beaglebone. Like, update packages and do a restart ?

you’ll need to update npm/nodejs on Debian 10… as what ships is way to old to run Node-RED 3.0.x


nvm install 18.17.1
nvm alias default 18.17.1
n=$(which node);n=${n%/bin/node}; chmod -R 755 $n/bin/*; sudo cp -r $n/{bin,lib,share} /usr/local

So I updated node.js and npm.

What would you suggest to do next ?

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Now you should be able to just run: node-red - npm

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red
Open http://localhost:1880