Noob needing assistance setting up beagleboard

Hi, all and thanks in advance for any advice I get.
I purchased a beagle board used and it boots up fine but I can not get it to connect with a keyboard. I come to a login screen and I can’t enter anything. Here are my particulars.

Beagleboard: Rev. B6.
Distro: Angtrom Distribution beagleboard tty1, Angstrom v2011.11-core - kernel 3.0.9+ (Thats from the boot screen)
OTG Cable Typa A mini (purchased from Beagleboard shop)
USB powered hub

The OTG cable goes to the hub and the keyboard goes to the hub.

Notes. I have tried several distros and have had the same issue.

Any suggestions?

You likely need a USB hub between the board and the keyboard. Try it and report back. Also, get a serial connection and collect a log.

I didn’t read close enough. Try powering the hub.

The hub is powered, thanks for the quick reply

Quoting Jason Kridner <>:

I didn't read close enough. Try powering the hub.

I'm not sure if that helps, Jason. Telling by the explaination of Mark, I ask my self if he wired the whole stuff like this:


I’ve had issues with both the hub and keyboard working in the right combination with the OTG or EHCI port. For my setup (beagleboard C3, Angstrom 2.6.32) I’ve empirically made the following observations:

  • I have a keyboard that won’t work in the same settings that others do, the one I’m using that works is a cheapo from Best Buy made by Dynex.
  • A new HS hub doesn’t work with the OTG port even with the mini A to A host cable from, but an ancient low speed hub does.
  • The new HS hub does work with the EHCI port but the ancient low speed hub does not.

So you need the right combination of hub, port, cable and keyboard.

My setup is as follows:

The OTG cable is connected to the beagle board it goes to to the hub host connection. The keyboard and the beagles power is connected to the hub. The usb 2.0 hub is powered.

I can not do a log from the serial port my everex cable died, (silly story nothing to do with this).

Like I mention I could not get that setup to work, I had to plug the 2.0 hub into the EHCI port. When you say you’re powering the BB through the hub I presume you’ve got one of those adapters from specialty computing that implements the USB A to barrel connector.

The rev b doesn’t have the ehci port

I have attached a term capture. As of right now I am booting with external power supply, powered usb hub between keyboard and beagle and still no joy.

CoolTerm Capture 2012-06-11 18-09-12.txt (4.02 KB)