Not able to connect to BeaglePlay


I am new to embedded systems as well as BeaglePlay.

I am unable to open BeaglePlay Desktop
Help in guiding in doing so

I am unable to ping BeaglePlay over Ethernet interface (one thing is there sèems ro be netplan method and interfaces.d method to set IP…I have used second method)

VS CODE is not opening on USB C tethering (I can see the IP addresses. Is bb.code.server need to be installed)…should i download vscode directly and use, which seems to be also an option

ONLY thing good currently is that USB-UART is working. AND am connected to internet over wifi

Can any one directionally give some guidance
I am using factory default image

Hi vsr,

I’m new to BeaglePlay as well and I’m having sort of the opposite issue. When I power on the BeaglePlay it does boot to the desktop, but I’m afraid I don’t see any serial output. Like you I’m using the factory default image.

If you don’t mind me asking, what serial port settings are you using? It would be great to get the serial port working.

Sorry I can’t help with your other issues. :frowning:

Take care.


Can revert this coming weekend only.

With regards


I used minicom

The settings I used are
115200, 8 none 1