Not able to locate RTL file and makefile


I want to use the RT linux for my project. so i was trying a sample program. But few error i can’t build the code. below i given my step

First i prepared the RT linux patch from below link, here i choose “For am33x-rt-v5.4 (Longterm 5.4.x + Real-Time Linux):” kernel

RT linux was booting i can able to run simple program such as thread. And i cross check in .menu config also High resolution timer was enabled.
Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

then i downloaded the linux-headers -$(uname -r)

Once the simple program work i was trying the RT linux example from below link

to compile the above program i need, rtl.h …I checked in whole directory ,not able to find.

there is some script called “rtl-config”, which generate the , i can’t able to find that file too
Refer rtl-config in link:

I want to locate

Let me anyone have done this, thanks in advance.


Despite the similar name, it is not related to the Real-Time Linux project of the Linux Foundation.


Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png