Not able to read from serial port

Hi all,

I have simple c program which reads from serial port of beagleboard-
xm. i can write on serial port but
not able to read. I have turned off hardware flow control also but it
doesnt help.

Thanks & Regards,
Aarti Trivedi

i have a similar task to do, may i know your code and environment.

which library do you use? If you give some specific infos, maybe you can find some solutions :slight_smile:

2011/3/18 Babar Rehman <>

The description of being able to write tot he serial port but not being able to read from the serial port sounds familiar to me.

I get this situation when I open the serial port from my program but getty also has the serial port open waiting for a user login. The only way I know to both properly read and write from the serial port has been after getty has assigned the serial port to my own login.

I’ve worked around my problems, but I’d be interested in knowing the proper way of doing it as opposed to the hack I may have done.