Not getting Beagle booted first time

I have a Beagle board, And followed same procedure
as mentioned in
to get a serial console for first time after board is brought.
But I am not able to get a serial console even once.
I am not getting "OMAP3" console.

I used IDC10 to DB9 pin connector, and connected as shown in
Also, I verified that I am using Null Modem Cable, (Verified cross
connection using multimeter)

I am not able to format MMC card using, this utility on
But I followed procedure as mentioned for linux using fdisk.

Sometimes, I get some messages like this,

I am not sure, but it seems to be the speed of serial port: "Configure
the terminal program for (BAUD RATE - 115200, DATA - 8 bit, PARITY-
none, STOP - 1bit, FLOW CONTROL - none)" Have you checked it?

Take a look at the Troubleshooting section of the BeagleBoard Hardware
Reference Manual and make sure you have the correct voltages on the
board. When you first apply power, the POWER LED should turn on
immediately, and then other LEDs should come on in a few seconds as
the NAND bootstrap starts up. You can also check for activity on
RS-232 TX pin with an RS-232 LED monitor or an oscilloscope.

BeagleBoard requires a well-regulated +5V supply. Beware of cheap
bricks that may generate more than +5V and damage the BeagleBoard.



After powered up your board, if you got 4 leds up, it means that your board worked perfectly. The problem may be your cable idc10-db9. the DB9 must be crossed. If not, it is not the right cable.

Hope it helps.


John Beetem wrote:

Hi All,
I managed to get the beagle booted. and I got a "OMAP3
#" console.
I was using a IDC10-DB9 cable from one of old PC's motherboard. But
the cable was not having
proper connections(i.e. was not like 1-1, 2-2, ..., 9-9). So, needs to
change accordingly.
same like,
I used a Null Modem cable which is workig fine with OSK Board.
I moved the entire setup to a laptop which doesnt have a serial port.
I had to use a USB serial converter.
and i got the beagle console. I moved the board setup again back to
my desktop, but this time i used the usb serial converter. It works
I am not able to get it working without a "usb to serial " converter.i
don't know why it behaves like this.

Thanks for all for your valuable Help.
Shivdas Gujare