nwjs beagle getting started app: Final report

Final report - nwjs beagle getting started app:

The cross-platform getting-started app will provide a tool for new users, that allows an easy and fast configuration of Beagle boards. Inexperienced users get the chance to start using Beagle quickly and most importantly hassle-free, allowing them to experience Linux and embedded systems.

What has been achieved:
-Creation of a cross-platform nwjs based Beaglebone Getting Started Application, based on the
getting started manual.
-Application running on Linux, Mac and Windows.
-Creation of a modern simple and easy to use UI/UX design using Bootstrap for the application.
-Creation of a powerful build system, based on Grunt, that allows to download,
build and package all needed dependencies for each platform, such as BBBlfs for
flashing the Beaglebone via USB.
-Support of internationalization, included into the template system written in jade, allowing
an easy update of language strings.
-Localization Portuguese (Brazil) for the Getting Started Application.
-Detection of the operating system and hassle free, cross-platform driver installation
for the Beaglebone.
-Detection of the Beaglebone on the network and also as storage device, supporting correct
device identification and umounting and mounting the Beaglebone cross-platform.
-Easy file copy via SCP to the Beaglebone, drag and drop files into the application to be copied
-SSH terminal session interface.
-Integration of Cloud9 IDE on the BeagleBone image from the application.
-Support for automatic detection and download of Beaglebone flash images of multiple distributions.
-Support of flashing the firmware images from the application, both downloaded or user provided.
-Flashing of the on-board eMMC flash, automatic connection to the Beaglebone updating the required
/boot/uEnv.txt settings.
-Support for USB-mass-storage-class application bootloading using BBBlfs.
-Code: https://github.com/arianepaola/beaglebone-getting-started/tree/nwjs

I would like to thank Beagleboard.org and Google for the support during this wonderful and challenging project.
Thanks to the Beagleboard community, especially Tim Orling, Jason Kridner and Vlad Ungureanu.

Next steps:
Continuing to contribute and add more improvements to this project. This was just the beginning, showing
that an automated cross-platform application is doable and new challenges lie ahead.

Thanks, Ariane

Could you please add build instructions to the README