nwjs beagle getting started app: Report 11

Week 11:
-Continued to work on flashing:
-finished download, extraction and image verification
-working detection of Beaglebone usb storage on Linux and Mac
-added detection output for the user and confirmation of which
drive to use for flashing
-possibility to write image using dd on Linux and Mac
-worked on usb storage detection on Windows

-fixed some issues of node_mdns NAN API conversion to version 2.0.4
(being incompatible with other used packages)

-merged code:

-run into some problems with win32diskimager and started to
use dd for windows, as it helps with the detection of usb storage on windows

Goals for next week:
-Work BBBlfs for USB flashing
-Finish work on dd for windows flashing
-Add XZ Utils binary for Windows for image extraction
-Add beagle artwork / instructions to make usability easier
-Work on builds