nwjs beagle getting started app: Report 2

Week 2:

Tasks worked on:

-Improved the grunt build scripts, added templates, reorganization, making a build in one step possible

-Added unit testing with mocha framework to test process

-Added code coverage analysis to test process

-Addded JSHint and JSCS code style linter and syntax checkers to test process.

-Restructured the project and dependencies, so that libraries are downloaded and used offline.

-Added tool bar to the application, containing initial mockup for the user ui, such as connect and help.

-Converted the HTML templates to use Jade and added the jade compilation to the builder,

allowing to compile all templates in one step to HTML.

-Finished the template engine organization and functionality, fully integrated into the build process.

-Added an initial set of i18n locales and basic translations.

-Added i18n functionality to the Jade template engine build process, so that translated versions are generated on a build.

-Finished the i18n functionality, which is now fully integrated into the build process and the application is already

internationalized. It is possible for the user to switch the language.

-Worked on the detection of IP addresses, using a predetermined IP and also mDNS.

-Finished voice over for the presentation.

-Improved package structure of the finished build.


-Exams at university

-Some incompatibilities with npm packages, requiring to use older versions. (Some packages

started to use io.js instead of node.js. Have to test the project build on io.js to see if it is stable.)

-Unable to detect beaglebone.local via node mdns library, although detected with tools such

as mdns-scan. There seems to be a problem connected to the avahi layer. So I will have to

test the node mdns package on another platform to see if it works any better. Otherwise

it will need another solution / implementation.

Goals for next week:

-Finish the work on device detection via mdns and predifined IPs.

-Include unit tests for the device detection code.

-Integration of the build process with Travis CI.

-Work on graphical user interface for SSH connections.

-Work on a graphical file transfer interface.