nwjs beagle getting started app: Report 9

Week 9:

Tasks worked on:
-Started integrating functionality of BBBlfs for USB flashing
-work and testing on Mac OS X
-Continued to work on USB mass-storage-class application bootloading
-Continued work on functionality to write of images on different OSes


Goals for next week:
-Work on BBBlfs for USB flashing
-Finish programming of images
-programming of on­board eMMC flash

Thanks, Ariane


Jason and I are very concerned that there have been no commits since July 7th. There are only 2 1/2 weeks left in GSoC!

We have both asked you to create Issues on the main repository to help track what has been and will be accomplished.

Please make at least one commit to your branch (or another temporary branch) every two days.

Failure to meet the above requests will result in a failing evaluation for this project. Period. No discussion.

Communication is the very heart of open source projects!!!



here is an updated issue list:

I will be creating pull requests for the issues based on code from here:

Thanks, Ariane